You Won’t Believe These Ridiculous NFL Fines


The NFL has undergone a renaissance of rule changes and policy transformations over the past decade. Under the leadership of Roger Goodell, the money comes first. Teams are encouraged to build enormous stadiums for luxury box revenues and Super Bowls, sponsors are to be treated like Gods, and if you dare to wear anything but NFL gear during a postgame presser… you will feel Roger’s wrath. Meanwhile, actual crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and even murder, are barely sneezed at.

Let’s review the punishments handed down to players who committed actual crimes versus those who did something trivial (like wearing the wrong socks). Prepare to be amazed.

1. Serious – Dez Bryant’s domestic transgressions

Bryant has been labeled a cancer to his team by many experts around the league, and it isn’t without merit. The Dez for Prez clamoring ended a long time ago, as most people have come to realize that Bryant just isn’t a very upstanding person. In July of 2012, Bryant was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge after allegedly assaulting his mother. The courts dismissed the charge a few months later in favor of assigning Dez to anger counseling, but league just stood passively by. There was no suspension even though Bryant had a history of doing crazy things. Instead they told him not to drink alcohol, because that obviously did the trick.

Meanwhile, here’s something the league thought was all kinds of serious, to the tune of $10,000

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