30 Times Donald Trump Flashed His Cash


It’s no secret that the mighty Trumpster is a wealthy man. With more money than there are people on Earth, it’s hard to deny that he’s loaded, and he isn’t shy about it.

Let’s review the best examples of Trump’s wealth being flaunted in front of the masses. In case you wondered what $4 billion can buy you, here’s the answer…

Helicopter + Trump = Trumpcopter

Have $7 million lying around? You could purchase your own grandiose helicopter. When Trump travels to airport-less locations, he gets to ride in comfort aboard this Trumpcopter. It is merely a small piece of his expansive personal transport fleet.

His chopper is stocked with his own brand of water called ‘Trump Ice’ spring water, and the interior includes 24 karat gold-plated hardware including the seat-belts. It is a pre-owned Sikorsky S-76 which normally sells for $5 million, but Trump got this puppy modified for an extra $750,000.

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