The 20 Hottest Female Athletes Training For the Rio Olympics

The Hottest Female Athletes of the 2016 Olympics - Alana Blanchard

The 2016 Summer Olympics, hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are set to be some of the most spectacular in recent history. They will be held from August 5th to August 21st and will feature a record number of participating nations, competing in the largest number of events ever featured in a Summer Olympics. The Games have attracted over 10,500 athletes. Among them are a few truly stunning women. These are the hottest female athletes that will be competing at Rio.

Alana Blanchard is an American surfer and model. She’s surfed on the ASP World Tour. She also designs Rip Curl swimwear and models their products. Especially a line of surfing-specific wetsuits.

She’s the daughter of Holt Blanchard. Both of them are friends with Bethany Hamilton, and were present when she was attacked by a shark. Blanchard was featured in the movieĀ Soul Surfer, played by Lorraine Nicholson.

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