The 15 NFL Players With The Craziest Mansions


Professional football players may not be the absolute elite in terms of athlete salaries, but they certainly make enough to give themselves a comfortable lifestyle. The average player in the NFL makes $1.9 million per year. Obviously, the superstars make significantly more. The NFL trails behind the NBA, MLB and NHL in terms of what the players take home, but 2 mill is enough to make that home a nice one. The footballers on this list all have mansions that most of us would feel lucky to stay in for a night, much less permanently.


1. Brandon Marshall, New York Jets

Brandon Marshall lives in this Southwest Ranches, Florida home that’s as big as some motels. It’s 11,000 square feet, sitting on 2.5 acres and boasting six bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, and the standard complement of celebrity amenities. Game room, basketball court, private movie theater, and even a pasture for Marshall’s horses. It cost him about five million dollars.

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