Broke NBA Players Who Had & Lost It All


It’s no secret that NBA stars┬ámake bank. An average player makes about $5 million per season and some can make closer to $30 million. For reference, LeBron James made $24 million last year.

Not bad for eight months’ work. It isn’t easy to get to the top, but it’s pretty smooth sailing from there.

Unless, that is, you have some expensive bad habits…

Poor judgement, impulsiveness and downright recklessness lost the NBA ballers in this list their hard-earned fortunes. Some of them bounced back, but others are benched, possibly for good.

Here’s our list of the top broke NBA players:


1. Dennis Rodman

Known just as much for his rocker lifestyle and strange appearance as for his on-court skill, Dennis Rodman is having a difficult time staying afloat. He has over $858,000 in outstanding child support debt to his third wife.

That’s not counting an additional $50,000 for spousal support. Rodman’s lawyers say he’s fighting an illness, possibly related to alcoholism, and can’t foot his huge bills.

Rodman may be famous, but he’s not exactly making NBA money anymore. He allegedly can’t even pay his lawyers anymore, who are working for free.

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