The Most Notorious 1920s Gangsters


The 1920s and 1930s encompassed an era of desperation for many Americans. A stumbling economy and the outlawing of alcohol spurned many underground and devious enterprises. From this era, power wielding gang organizations were born. Ruthless gangsters traveled the nation in hopes of controlling as much finance as possible. Bank robberies, hijackings, and kidnappings characterized some of the major crime organizations of the day. Sadly, there were little value for human life, as thugs would kill whoever got in their way. Although these were notorious people, it’s fascinating to look back on this era to see how everything unfolded. Here are the most famous, or infamous, 1920s gangsters.

Test your crime knowledge – can you guess the criminal based on the details we give you about their rap sheet?


Crime: Bank Robberies/Murders

Punishment: Shot and killed by FBI

Year of Death: 1934

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