Insane Cruise Secrets Exposed


There is more going on on luxury cruises than meets the eye. There are many insider secrets that will change the way you see your vacation. We present to you: cruise secrets exposed.

Disease outbreaks are common

Diseases spread in conditions where large groups of people are constrained together in close quarters. They also like it when there’s lots of food being handled. Cruise ships present almost ideal conditions for disease outbreaks.

Cruise ships are, unsurprisingly, the sites of disease outbreaks fairly commonly. The norovirus is especially common on cruise ships. There were eight different cruise ship norovirus outbreaks in the first three months of 2014 alone.

When an outbreak does occur, it hits a huge proportion of the people onboard. Most norovirus outbreaks hit at least 100 passengers at a time. It often leads to premature disembarkation.

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