25 Highest Paid College Football Coaches


College football has always been a massive money maker, between TV contracts and conference revenues. As teams consolidate into a select few, yet mighty powerful conferences, everybody gets a financial boost. Well, except the players who perform the actual work. Without looking at the numbers, we can extrapolate that coaches are earning a fine living. But where’s the fun in NOT looking at data? Here are the top highest paid college football coaches, by the numbers.

Jim Mora Jr.

College: UCLA

School Salary: $3.35 million

We remember his father for the famous Indianapolis Colts press conference where he eloquently questioned their playoff chances. Jr. isn’t quite as outspoken as Sr., and he has had more success at the college level than in the pros. After leading the Falcons to an NFC title game in 2004, Mora Jr. never replicated that level of success in the NFL. He was hired by UCLA in 2011 and renegotiated his contract in 2014 to make him the highest earning state employee in California.

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