20 Times A US Presidency Was Rocked By A Sex Scandal

George Washington and Venus

It’s a well-known fact that powerful men tend to have a hard time remaining faithful to their partners. So it should be no surprise that the president of the United States, arguably the most powerful individual in the entire world, would harbor similar instincts. These presidents all befell at least one sex scandal during their time in office, some of them more than one. Their affairs got varying degrees of coverage in the press. Some stayed relatively quiet while others exploded into full-blown PR crises.

Our first president, George Washington, may or may not have fathered a son by one of his slaves, named Venus. The son’s descendants claim Washington as the father, but historians are contesting the claim, saying that there were various circumstances that made the claim improbable. Foremost among them is the strong likelihood that Washington was sterile. His wife Martha had four kids from a previous marriage when she met George, and the two never bore any additional children.

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