20 NFL Players Who Lost It All


A career as a pro athlete can lead to fame and fortune. Unfortunately for some, the riches don’t last. Despite all the money that NFL players make during their careers, many of these guys have gone on to declare bankruptcy.

It seems to be a pattern because many players grow up in poverty or have to overcome different economic or personal challenges and then suddenly, the experience huge success, fame, and money.

Some players mismanage their newfound wealth and fame by making terrible decisions or investments. Plus, there’s a the keeping up with the Jones’ atittude when it comes to material possessions among showy NFL players.

Here are the players who have lost it all:

Terrell Owens

Born in Alexander City, Alabama, Terrell Owens is an NFL legend who hold or shares many Football Leage records. His career receiving yards total 15,953 – second in NFL history.

Former wide receiver Terrell Owens was no doubt a great player, but he was renowned for his flamboyant touchdown celebrations and public persona as he is for his talent on the field.

T.O. caused controversy with every team he played for and had many league fines and team penalties. After retiring, Owens made some poor investments, owed the IRS over $400,000, failed to pay child support, and just generally had a rough time financially.

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